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Invisible fasten off (Invisible finish)

Invisible fasten off is a crochet technique to join stitches together and fasten off the yarn usually when crocheting in round.  Step 1: Final round, cut the yarn off leaving a long end, thread end onto needle Step 2: Insert needle into the back loop only of next stitch (first stitch) pull the yarn through Step 3: Insert needle into both loops of next stitch (second ...

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Basic crochet stitches for beginner

1 Slip knot/ Nút thắtFold the yarn to make a loopNext insert the hook into the loop and yarn over Next draw the yarn through the loop  2 Chain stitch/ Móc xích:Step 1: make a slip knot on your hook. Step 2: yarn over the hook from back to frontStep3: draw the yarn through the loop to finish first chainYarn over to make next chain stitches 3 Single crochetStep 1: make chain foundation, insert the hook in second chain ...

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Crochet Symbols and Abbreviations

Stitch diagrams in crochet are being used more in place of the words to describe crochet patterns. Following are the standardized crochet symbols and abbreviations 

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Invisible decrease with single crochet (inv-sc2tog)

- Invisible decrease: decreasing while working with single crochet stitch sometime it leaves gaps and holes, so I use the invisible decrease method instead of using sc2tog. - Insert hook into front loop of the indicated st and into front loop of next st, yarn over, pull through both front loops, yarn over, pull through both loops on hook.

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How to crochet a head for the doll


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